Solvent Delivery Modules

GBC manufactures a range of isocratic and quaternary gradient pumps for stand-alone or system operation for a wide range of HPLC applications


The LC1150 is a high performance solvent delivery system with quaternary gradient and solvent blending capability. It features a sophisticated spindle driven variable stroke piston arrangement providing exceptional solvent delivery performance, operational reliability and optimal flow delivery. The advanced on-board computing automatically compensates for solvent compressibility and provides excellent flow with minimal pulsation and precision independent of system pressure.

It can be used as a stand-alone pump with full control and on-board diagnostics from a built-in keypad, or remotely controlled by a host computer in a fully automated system.

The LC1150 uses dual microprocessor control to match high speed proportioning with piston stroke volume, ensuring accurate and precise gradient formation with extended analytical flow range. The dual-serial piston chamber flow path facilitates efficient in-pump solvent mixing with minimal delay volume. This eliminates the necessity of a mixer and delivers sharp gradient formation, essential for high precision assay and improved method ruggedness.


The LC1120 HPLC pump offers high performance solvent delivery for isocratic applications. It uses a modular stand-alone stackable compact design and can be readily integrated into any existing HPLC setup. The solvent-proof enhanced keyboard and back-lit LCD display ensure rapid instrument start-up and operation, with real-time display of operating conditions.

Comprehensive diagnostics and system log facilitates preventative maintenance scheduling. With built-in computer interface and optional oven control, the LC1120 can also be easily configured with other GBC HPLC modules, providing a complete HPLC system with single computer interface control.

The LC1120 can be upgraded to quaternary operation, offering a cost effective entry level to a future-proof HPLC system.

For the technically minded, the LC1120 uses a self-priming dual serial piston chamber configuration with built-in pulse damper and purge valve for maximum instrument reliability and assay sensitivity. The self-centering floating piston design reduces seal wear and simplifies seal changeover, while the double ball check valve cartridge design improves valve switching efficiency with extended flow performance and reliability.