Self-regenerating electrolytic micro-membrane suppressor

Self-regenerating electrolytic micro-membrane suppressor
  •  With advanced continuous regenerative membrane electric suppression technology, it doesn’t  need add acid or alkali to regenerate;
  • High suppression capacity, low background conductance, low noise, stable baseline and maintenance free;
  • Anti pollution, high pressure resistance and long life;
  • Compatible with 100% organic solvents;
  • It can match various types of ion chromatography products;
  • The signal line is connected by aeronautical connector, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly.

Product Parameters

Model Type Current Eluent Pressure   Resistance PH Range Dead Volume
SHY-A-6 Anion 0-300mA CO32-/HCO3/OH 6MPa 0-14 <50μL
SHY-C-5 Cation 0-300mA MSA 6MPa 0-14 <50μL