SavantAA Zeeman enduro

The SavantAA Zeeman enduro sets new standards in high performance Zeeman graphite furnace analysis

  • Unique Variable Magnetic Field Strength between 0.6 and 1.1 Tesla in 0.1 Tesla increments for maximum precision and sensitivity.
  • Eight-lamp auto turret with auto lamp align for rapid element selection and accurate lamp optimization.
  • Automatic wavelength and choice of 20 slit widths between 0.1 and 2.0 nm in 0.1 nm increments in both normal and reduced height for ease of operation.
  • Coded Lamp Recognition for both normal hollow cathode lamps and Super Lamps.
  • New 10 Volt Super Lamp capability, fitted standard for one lamp ensures highest sensitivity with low power consumption and low heat output.
    (Optional four lamp supply available.)
  • New Improved design which allows>1400 firings per tube and lower %RSD.
  • Electronic Sample Viewing standard.

Unique Variable Magnetic Field Strength (MFS)

A constant magnetic field strength for all elements leads to severe limitations in analytical performance for many sample types. The second generation SavantAA Z enduro achieves optimal background correction and sensitivity by allowing optimization of the magnetic field strength for each element/matrix combination. The applied magnetic field can be varied from a low 0.6 to a high 1.1 Tesla. Once selected, the field strength remains constant for the duration of the measurement. This allows the operator to set the optimum field strength for each element, maximizing the Zeeman Effect as measured through the magnetic sensitivity ratio (MSR) and giving unmatched sensitivity.

Competitor’s Zeeman background correction technologies reduce the performance for the primary wavelength for some elements. For example an alternative wavelength for Al must be used to achieve reasonable sensitivity. This difficulty is not encountered with the SavantAA Z enduro. Its variable background correction allows the field strength to be adjusted to maximize both precision and sensitivity. This produces accurate results, every time!

Transverse heating

Transverse heating ensures even atomization of the entire sample. The sample is deposited between the two wings which is the hottest part of the tube. The wings have high thermal mass allowing maximum thermal conductivity and uniform heating to the sample.

Accurate background correction

Analysis of environmental samples for trace level analytes requires precise accurate measurement. This is critical where transient background and analyte signals in the graphite furnace change rapidly with time and introduce measurement errors. These difficulties, associated with high background absorbance and structured background are minimized by using the highest speed background correction that the SavantAA offers. (1 ms which is four times faster than most other instruments.) The fast background correction and 200 Hz sampling rate minimizes errors due to slow background correction enabling precise and accurate results.

Advanced furnace design

The efficient furnace design and accurate temperature control provide an optimized environment resulting in consistent performance for extended analysis runs and unattended operation. Furnace ramp rates of up to 2,500°C/sec ensure optimum atomization conditions for refractory elements. All this from a single phase mains connection. Three phase mains is not required! More than 1,400 firings per tube and lower %RSD are now achievable.

Easy access, self aligning tubes

The unique one piece molded workhead features an integrated magnet and graphite furnace controlled by a state-of-the-art power supply. Major advantages of this design include open access to the furnace tube and self-alignment of the tube to simplify furnace cleaning or tube replacement. The tube is horizontally mounted. Heat is directed to centre of tube where sample is. The pivoting furnace clamp assembly is interlocked for safety, preventing operation when the furnace is open. Perfect tube alignment is guaranteed by the unique tube profile which provides a one-way fit and automatic centering of the injection port.