Needle filter

Disposable needle filter is a fast, convenient and reliable filter commonly used in the laboratory. With beautiful appearance, light weight and high cleanliness ,it mainly used for sample pre-filtration and particulate matter removal. It is the first choice for filtering small samples of IC, HPLC and GC.

Each batch of needle filters were tested by ion chromatography. Testing the 1 mL pure water passed through the filter , the results showed that the ion dissolution level reached the level of ion chromatography analysis.

Product Parameters

Sample Filter   Material Aperture Effective   Filtration Area Processing   Capacity Shell
Water PES 0.22μm   0.45μm 1.0cm2 <10mL Polypropylene
Organic Nylon 0.22μm   0.45μm 1.0cm2 <10mL Polypropylene