Miniature high pressure infusion pump

This product adopts 32-bit embedded microprocessor with ARM7 core.

This product adopts electronic pressure pulsation suppression technology.

This product adopts high precision DC servo motor

Technology advantage:

Ultra-miniaturized design

Expandable to binary high pressure gradient system

It can be expanded to a four-element low-pressure gradient system

No mechanical buffer (electronic pressure pulsation suppression)

The pump head can be replaced according to demand (analysis/semi-preparation)

External control can be carried out through RS-232/485 interface

Product Parameters

Flow rate range: 0.001~9.999 mL/min (10mL pump head) 0.01~49.99 mL/min (50mL pump head)

Infusion pump structure: double plunger series reciprocating pump

Flow accuracy: <0.5%

Flow rate reproducibility: 0.2%

Pressure fluctuation: <0.1MPa (secondary water@1mL/min@10MPa) <0.1MPa (secondary water@4mL/min@5MPa)

Pressure range: 0~40MPa 0~25MPa

Remote control: RS-232/485 interface, can be controlled by computer

System protection: the maximum pressure can be set to protect

Display: LCD 2×8 English display

Power supply: 24V, 3A DC

Size/weight: 130×210×110 mm (length×height×depth)/2.8Kg