High pressure infusion pump (stainless steel)

High pressure infusion pump (stainless steel)

High-pressure and low-pulse dual-piston tandem advection pump is made of stainless steel, which can achieve stable flow control without damper. The product adopts 32-bit embedded microprocessor with ARM7 core, electronic pressure fluctuation suppression technology, and  high-precision DC servo motor, to realize the combinatorial analysis mode of isocratic, binary, quaternary gradient and micro-analysis, which is suitable for trace analysis in scientific research and special industries.

Product Parameters

Model Material Flow   Range Pressure  Range Flow Velocity


Transfusion  Structure Pipeline


System   Protection Power   Supply
SH-100A Stainless   steel 0.001-9.999mL/min 0-42MPa <0.2%  Dual-piston, tandem 1/16”  Maximum pressure setting protection 24V DC