Cintra 4040

The Cintra 4040 is a true double beam, double monochromator spectrometer which offers the ultimate in resolution and sensitivity. Using a variable slit width from 0.1 to 2.0nm, and dual Littrow monochromators in a Czerny Turner arrangement to achieve the highest resolution with extremely low stray light.
Photometric linearity is now better than 1.2% at 5 Abs!. The wide dynamic range and best resolution, stray light, noise and drift specifications make the Cintra 4040 the best performing UV instruments in it’s price range allowing for the most demanding applications. The Cintra 4040 accepts the full range of GBC accessories (non motorised accessories, motorised accessories, Peltier accessories and auto samplers) for it’s wavelength range of 190 to 900nm making it the perfect instrument for specialised and research applications